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Why company needs to have an online presence

Why company needs to have an online presence

Hi Everyone! We’re super excited again to talk to you a little about why a company needs to have a working online presence these days. Hopefully we can give you something new to think about!

We are not even going to cover the most obvious reasons, such as “so that people could Google you” or “so that you would be visible” at this time, at least too deep. We thought to explain the meaning of eCommerce from the viewpoint of sales and what it means to the profit margin.

Example case

Maybe you have a company that is in the middle of small to medium size businesses. By definition, the revenue would then be at about 10 million euros, as 2-10 is considered a small one and 10-50 a medium-size business. It doesn’t matter if you sell services or a physical product.

What does matter though is that when you sell your products, you obviously need staff to do the sales for you? It doesn’t matter if they’re working for you by a commission or by monthly salary, the end game is that you pay for people to sell your services or products. Maybe you’re a manufacturer that sells directly to wholesalers? The common factor for these all is that you don’t get the retail price fully for yourself, as you need to deduct the costs, pay salaries and so on.

Let’s assume for a minute, that your product’s retail value is one euro, just for the sake of simplicity of the example. You sell your product to wholesale for 50 cents which then sells it to end consumer for that one euro, as they also need to make a profit. The production costs are 25 cents, which makes sense as you double your money when you sell to wholesale and you need to make a profit too.

When you lose this middle man / wholesale stage of the process, you can sell the same 25 cent product for one euro by yourself, increasing your profit margin from 100 per cent to 300 per cent. Of course, you still need people to sell the product, to manage the store, but if you make the customer come to you instead of you going to the customer, you can reduce the overhead and time invested in the actual sale process. Streamlining the process is the key and making the sales online is an effective way to reduce staff required for the sales. Not only will you increase the profit margin of your products, but you will also spend less time selling and you can focus on the client segment that actually responds.

In this video, Verkkotrio Marketing Agency founder explains why it is important for your company to have a working online presence and what we can do for your company.

Where does Verkkotrio come in?

The thought of an online presence can be tempting, but if you don’t have the skills to build a website by yourself it can become daunting and you’re left with only a few options. You could ask a relative, a school buddy of your niece or your neighbour maid’s nephew if they could do it for peanuts – or you can try to build one for yourself using the vast amount of free tools found online.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, either one of these will most likely result in a website that actually serves the purpose so well, that it does not only look inviting but actually also gets you more customers. And by more customers, we mean converting visitors into leads or into direct sales.

The third option is to hire a professional to do the website for you.

Consistent brand-aware marketing

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a start-up or a well known professional in your own area. We can either build you a new brand from scratch or re-brand you. We can help you with logo, letterhead, business card, website and so on, we can help you to build a successful brand. And we do all this in cooperation with you, asking your opinions, input and actually including you in the process. And we can also market your new website, brand and the product.

If we could increase your revenue even for 5%, what would it be worth to you? Even if your revenue is in the bottom of small to mid companies, at 2 million (less is considered micro, not small company), an increase of 5% would be 100.000€. How much would you be willing to pay for that?

Internet is not a static environment. When you rank on Google search on the first page it is highly likely, that you won’t be there next week anymore. The Internet gets new content all the time, other companies optimises their existing content too and you need to do constant work to maintain your visibility. Does your company have the know-how or even the staff to do all this?

We can help you. We can create you a consistent, credible visual outlook, a website that conforms your brand and an e-store that works seamlessly in the whole. We will make a marketing plan and execute it with you. We analyze the reports and change the things that need it and continue from there. We follow the markets and evolve. We do both traditional and digital marketing. We know how to reach people. We can get you results.

You don’t have to ask it all from us, we can also help you with some particular topic. Contact us by email at and let us know your thoughts. Let’s see how we actually can help you!